Test your Inmarsat & Iridium Hardware indoors, Any time, Any place

Have you considered the cost of taking your aircraft outside of your hangar for avionics testing?

Multiband, Specialists in GPS and Satellite Repeaters brings you an affordable, and turnkey repeater solution that can deliver multiple satellite signals to multiple indoor or underground locations.
Testing can be done indoors anytime, 24/7, in any climate with Multiband’s field-proven Repeaters delivering Iridium and Inmarsat signals, along with GPS inside any size hangar or large facility.
Direct line of sight to the sky is not necessary with these unique repeater solutions.

This breakthrough technology developed by Foxcom is also suitable for oil rigs, hardware assembly lines, high-rise buildings and bunkers.

The combined Iridium/GPS solution supports three Iridium terminals simultaneously with a single repeater system and adjustable gain. The combined Inmarsat / GPS solution provides indoor coverage for all Inmarsat L-Band Broadband services.
Multiband also offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing universal solution supporting Iridium, Inmarsat and GPS.  A typical repeater kit consists of a set of outdoor antennas, indoor antennas and a repeater unit.

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