Satellite & GPS Repeaters

In places where there is no terrestrial infrastructure, satellite phones fill the gap. Typically, this requires line-of-sight to a satellite. What happens when the sat phone user needs connectivity underground or indoors, and stepping outside to make the call is not an option?


Multiband Antennas offer an exclusive range of Iridium, Inmarsat and GPS/GNSS repeater solutions, enabling users to stay connected to the world at all times even if all primary communication networks are down. Handsets and Avionics systems do not require sky view or line of sight to operate, so users can remain inside in control rooms, aircraft hangars or bunkers during an emergency.

Our  range of repeaters are the ideal solution for mobile satellite connectivity in any indoor location, such as a control rooms, aircraft hangars, oil rigs, operations rooms and military bunkers.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements....