DFM 250D – Differential Fuel Flow Meter

DFM features:

  • conformity with European and national automotive standards and directives
  • fuel consumption and operation time control, overall and in different engine operation modes
  • protection against unauthorized interference in operation and data tampering
  • maximum information richness of output data
  • high reliability of data transmission over digital interfaces
  • unique self-diagnostics feature to monitor the stability and accuracy of data
  • possibility of integration into on-board Telematics interface of vehicles
  • embedded battery allows data (Counters, Events) storage in the internal non-volatile memory of flow meter
  • thermal correction function with adjustable coefficient which ensures automatic correction of values to the ambient temperature
  • easiness of flow meter configuration with S6 SK service adapter
  • built-in mud filter
  • minimum fluid flow resistance
  • 100 % of DFM are verified with a certified metrological test rig
  • full set of high-quality elements for installation
  • great operating experience, high-quality technical support, affordable price.