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The HDC-C100-S Iridium Certus 100 Antenna is a dielectric loaded decafilar helix, Iridium band antenna which uses patented DielectrixTM antenna technology to provide the highest available efficiency per unit of size/volume.

These antennas have excellent co-to-cross polarisation and therefore provide useful discrimination of multi-path (reflected polarisation-reversed) signals. They are balanced and isolated from platform ground, ensuring high immunity to common-mode noise and very low proximity de-tuning caused by nearby objects.

HDC Dielectrix antennas deliver predictable installed performance that belies the small size, due to operation of the dielectric-core material (patent-protected). The product will be available encapsulated with an over-moulded protective radome, or unencapsulated as appropriate for direct integration into devices.

The HDC Dielectrix antenna is compliant with the Iridium Certus technical specification IR5187-TRD-002 Issue 4 and complies with the radiation pattern mask when it is mounted in vertical orientation. It is ideally suited for integration with customer products using the Iridium Certus 9770 module with risk-free follow-on Iridium terminal certification: allowing up to 1.5dB cable loss.

Key Features

Tuned to Iridium frequency: 1,616 - 1,626 MHz

  • Intrinsic band-pass filter response, tightly tuned to Iridium frequency band – Immune to out of band interference

  • Additional circuit protection against lightening splashes (Antenna behaves light a closed circuit)

  • Smallest Iridium Certus antenna - just 41.57mm long x 16mm dia.

  • RHCP polarization with up to 30dB co- to cross-polarization discrimination - Exceptional rejection of multi-path (reflected) signals

  • No de-tuning due to objects in the near-field – Ideal for hand-held and vehicle-mounted applications

  • Cardioid radiation pattern - Optimal reception of signals from lowelevation satellites, and when antenna is in a dynamic application (e.g. maritime, airborne and vehicle applications)

  • Balanced antenna – immune to common-mode noise (e.g. vehicle chassis ground fluctuations due to in-car compute and electric drive-train noise)

  • Over-moulded variants provide IP67 environmental protection ideal for external mount in harsh environments

  • Robust – withstands shock and vibration

  • SMA or U.FL connector options.


HDC-C100-S Antennas are ideally suited for Iridium Certus mobile internet and messaging in which resilience and compact form factor are essential.

Asset tracking and fleet vehicle tracking Internet of things
UAS and UAVs
Industrial /oil and Gas/ Mining