Helix HXDC1600-SAA

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The HXDC1600-SAA family of DielectriXTM antennas from are highly resilient, ruggedised Iridium band antennas designed for hand-held and other products where size and performance are critical.

These antennas have high discrimination against multi-path (reflected) signals, and are immune to RF and electrical noise. They are balanced and isolated from platform ground, ensuring immunity to common-mode noise, and are unaffected by near- field object de-tuning. The antenna also supports Satelles STL (Satellite Time and Location) services, used for GPS back-up.

HXDC1600-SAA DielectriX antennas deliver high performance that belies their small size, due to the patent-protected use of specialized dielectric core material. The antenna is available with an over-moulded protective radome, or as a bare antenna that customers can design their own radomes for, or integrate directly into products.