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Subtillo Mini 628i Antenna

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The Subtillo Mini 628i is the perfect antenna solution for Marine Buoy and Drifter producers wanting to use an off-the-shelf IRIDIUM/GPS or Globalstar/GPS antenna design to fit inside a 4” drifter pipe.

The antenna is a variant of the very successful Subtillo Solo Iridium only antenna. Using the same highly efficient 3.2mm board and a GPS ceramic patch, we machine the antenna to 9cm diameter, drill out 2 finger positoning holes and solder 2 X UFL cables on the underside.

The result is a high quality, high performance and mechanically sturdy antenna.


Key Subtillo Mini 628i Antenna features: 

High Integration

No need of ground plane

RoHS compliant

Circularly polarisation for high efficiency

Good efficiency

UFL connectors

Applications: IRIDIUM & GPS