Multiband Antennas, incorporated in 2000, are specialists in the design and supply of niche Iridium M2M antennas. Our main strength is our understanding of the Iridium network and can provide pre- testing of prototype hardware. We strongly focus on bespoke low volume antenna solutions for any L-Band, GEO & LEO satellite network including Iridium, Orbcomm, Thuraya and Globalstar. Since 2000 we have expanded the markets that we cover and design antennas specifically for telematics, telemetry, handhelds, animal trackers, marine monitoring, environmental sensors and many more. Click to download our Iridium Portfolio Nov 2018

Our key antenna partners are 2J Antennae in Slovakia & USA, Dynaflex in Italy and Webb Industries in South Africa. Through them, we have an exceptional range of antennas for GSM, GPS/GLONASS, LTE & LTE MIMO, WIFI, SIGFOX, Iridium, Globalstar and Orbcomm.

 In 2016 we started distributing the Foxcom Iridium/GPS Coax Repeater. This great product is a must for any producer of Iridium hardware products as it allows them to design and provision hardware at their desk or on their production line.