2J6026P Falcon Iridium Certified Low Profile Adhesive Mount Antenna

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A Remarkable Low Profile Antenna Solution Designed For Next-Generation Communication

The Falcon Iridium Low Profile Adhesive Mount Antenna (2J6026P) is uniquely designed and developed to allow compatibility and optimal signal quality within 1616 MHz - 1627 MHz frequency spectrum. With full access to the Iridium Satellite constellation, the 2J6026P brings true global M2M connectivity with maximum signal strength, speed, and accuracy.

The 2J6026P high-performance antenna is the ideal solution for worldwide satellite devices such as voice and data communication in commercial, residential, emergency transportation markets, environmental monitoring, waste management, fleet tracking, and other multitudes of tracking and data control systems. This solution combines the advantages of low profile, low cost for massive deployment operations.


Mounting Adhesive Mount
Dimensions (mm) 80 x 76 x 16
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Certificates Iridium Certified
Standard colors Black and White


The hemispherical radiation pattern provides a full range signal strength and signal quality. With a peak gain of ~4.5 dBiC and ~76% efficiency, this antenna is right hand circularly polarised (RHCP) rejecting multi-path interference and optimising signal strength.

Installation / Environmental

The outstanding feature of this antenna is that it has a sleek and compact design with a maximum height of 16 mm. For quick installation, the adhesive pad can be used to install the antenna in obscure places, allowing for a clear view of the sky for better accuracy and signal quality.

The ABS housing material offers durability and protection in extreme environments withstanding temperatures between -40C and +85C. With low-profile dimensions (80 x 76 x 16 mm) and ground plane independence, this product is manufactured with RoHS compliance.

This package is fully customisable with variable cable lengths and connector types. Several installation options are available such as adhesive, magnetic and screw mount.

Suggested applications include:
- Commercial/ Residential
- Emergency Communications
- Voice & Data Satellite Communications
- Transportation
- Asset Tracking

Antenna and electrical specifications

Standards IRIDIUM
Frequency 1616-1627
VSWR ~1.2:1
Efficiency (%) ~76
Passive Gain (dBiC) ~4.5
Impedance (Ohm) 50
Axial Ratio (dB) 3 max
Radiation Pattern Hemispherical
Polarisation RHCP