2JQ0126-C237G IRIDIUM SMA Quadrifilar Helix Antenna

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The 2JQ0126-C237G IRIDIUM SMA QUADRIFILAR HELIX THRU HOLE MOUNT ANTENNA is a breakthrough patented RF design from 2J, intended for embedded applications on the Iridium Certus 20 service offering 22kbps, but also certifiable on the Block 1 network.

Terminated with an SMA female, with a snap in connection, less than 10 grams in weight and over 50% radiating efficiency across the band, this antenna offers excellent performance/price ratio. 

If you are considering an SBD, Voice or Certus project and need advice or assistance getting the right antenna to suit your hardware, remember that our supply factory is equipped with the latest engineering tools; from network analysers & anechoic chambers to simulation software and 3D printers. We can help you  develop, test and assist with the Iridium certification process. With tools like these, we can help reduce your hardware design phases.

The 2JQ0126-C237G is an IRIDIUM SMA Quadrifilar Helix Thru Hole Mount Antenna with a snap in connection.


Key Features: 

  • IRIDIUM 1616-1627 MHz
  • Snap-in Connection
  • RHCP
  • Axial Ratio below 1dB
  • Peak Gain 2.0 dBiC
  • Dimensions 13.5 x 36.3mm
  • Customisable Cable and connector