Iridium 9602 Transceiver

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The Iridium 9602 transceiver, designed to be integrated into a wireless data application with other host system hardware and software, provides a complete satellite data solution for your application. The Iridium 9602 is ideal for IoT solutions, including tracking of maritime vessels, equipment monitoring, and automatic vehicle location. It transmits data over the Iridium network via our Iridium Short Burst Data® service.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Single board transceiver
  • Small form factor
  • No SIM card
  • Designed to be incorporated into an OEM solution
  • RoHS compliant

Mechanical Dimensions

  • Length 41.0 mm
  • Width 45.0 mm
  • Depth 13.0 mm
  • Weight 30 g

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC to + 85ºC
  • Operating Humidity Range: ≤ 75% RH
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40ºC to + 85ºC
  • Storage Humidity Range: ≤ 93% RH

RF Parameters

  • Frequency Range: 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz
  • Duplexing Method: TDD (Time Domain Duplex)
  • Input/Output Impedance: 50Ω
  • Multiplexing Method: TDMA/FDMA

DC Power Input

  • Idle Current (average): 45mA
  • Idle current (peak): 170mA
  • Transmit Current (peak): 1.3A
  • Transmit Current (average): 140mA
  • Receive Current (peak): 170mA
  • Receive Current (average): 40mA
  • SBD message transfer – average current: 150mA
  • SBD message transfer – average power: ≤0.8 W